Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Concrete Coatings / Painting / Designs - Patio Floor Cleaning/ Paint

Port Saint Lucie FL Painting Pressure Washing and Chemical Cleaning Services (772) 626-7159: Painting Pool Decks - Pool Patios - Concrete Coati...:

Pool are a very common thing to have at any Florida home. This area becomes the hot spot of the home with guests and family, why not make it special.

Painting Artist, Inc. offers affordable pool patio or concrete patio painting and coating services.

Whether you would like to add color to the pool area or just have a non-slip surface, Painting Artist, Inc is your local professional.

Call us today to inquire about this service, 772-626-7159.

How to Paint your Bathroom - Vero Beach FL Painter

Painting your Bathroom 101 from the Top Painters out of Vero Beach, Florida

Painting your bathroom is not going to as easy as you may wish. There are obstacles in your way that you need to paint behind, tight corners, lots of taping off, not much room to move, and maybe some more difficulties depending on the bathroom design itself.

Painting Artist, Inc gives you the basic steps to follow when painting your own bathroom:

1. Take any wall hangings down, remove switch plates, hanging bars, handles, and basically all other decorations or ornaments.

2. Its recommended to remove the toilet - but not 100% necessary if you can get behind easily or just can't remove the toilet ;)

3. Tape around all edges to have a nice clean finish when done. Tape around mirrors, cabinets, moldings, window trim, ect.

4. Place down your drop cloths to protect from paint spills or drips!

5. Apply Primer, If painting ceilings attempt to paint them first.

6. Cut In around all edges.

7. Roll in the paint on the walls. We use 2 coats for best quality results.

8. Lastly, do your touch-ups when dry.

If you are not in the mood to take on the challenge of painting your bathroom. Painting Artist, Inc. is offering a special for bathroom painting of average size for only $125!

We are a local family operated pressure washing company offering amazing quality results at affordable rates. Each customer is guaranteed all their services they receive with our pressure washing company. Most of our new customers are referrals from previous ones which only ensures us we are truly the top pressure washer in the city.


Monday, July 29, 2013

Ceiling Painting by Painting Artist, Inc - Paint your Ceilings in Vero Beach, FL

To have your ceilings professionally painted in your Vero Beach Home or Condo, call us Today (772) 626-7159!

Watch How we Paint Homes in Vero Beach, Florida

Most Professional Painters in your area demonstrate how easy it is to paint your home!

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How to Paint Gutters in Vero Beach Florida with Graco 395 Ultra Airess Sprayer

Painting Artist, Inc - Vero Beach FL Painters

Painting Artist, Inc is a family operated company with a team of highly skilled painting professionals. We believe our business should be based on honesty, trust, affordability, and professionalism. All our services are guaranteed to your satisfaction.

Our customers are always satisfied with their quality painting services and power washing services. Pressure washing and power washing comes hand in hand with running a painting business. Yes, we are expert painters and pressure washers! Call us Today for FREE Estimates, 772-626-7159!