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Why A Professional Painter is Better than You | Port St Lucie Painter

Why A Professional Painter is Better than You

If you want a new look for your home, painting the walls is a good place to start. Before you start painting consider hiring a professional painter to do the job right, as the result is typically worth the money spent.

Have you ever considered hiring a house painter? You should know how helpful a professional painting crew is. Paying someone to paint your home for you is entirely worth it.

When lacking free time but desperately want to paint your home, do not hesitate in calling an expert painter who has the time, crew, and equipment to get the job done timely and neatly. Painting contractors are up to date with the most current painting techniques, know the best paints to use, have top quality paint equipment, and possess years of hands on painting experience. You are better off to leave painting your home to a professional.

Painting your ceilings? You may have vaulted ceilings which is typical in Florida homes. Good luck painting these ceilings on your own! First off, ceilings should not be rolled out our hand painted (usually depending on the surface). A licensed painter will have a special sprayer wand that attaches to his paint sprayer machine. This wand allows the painter to get close to the ceilings and spray on the coats of paint without using a ladder. This saves hours in time moving a ladder or going up and down the ladder.

In most cases, having a painter do the job can also save you the costs of materials.It is common that painting contractors who utilize paint supply stores such as Sherwin Williams to receive extremely big discounts on paint and supplies. Hiring a contractor will most likely save you money on the paint (allowing you to get a better quality perhaps for the same price as the generic paint) and painting supplies such as tape, rollers, brushes, and drop cloths.

So stop wasting time trying to plan out how you will be able to paint your own home, or how will you afford the supplies. A painting contractor will provide you a service to get the job done fast and professionally. A true painting professional will walk you through all the steps he will perform, explain to you the paint he recommends, and ways to save on the project.

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Port St Lucie's Painting Contractor - Tips and Inspirations through Paint Color

Understanding Color

Shared by FL Painting Artists Corp - Port St Lucie's Painting Contractor

Credit: Sherwin Williams Blog -

Read what Dr. Sally Augustin has to say..

Sally Augustin, PhD, is a practicing design and color psychologist, and Principal at Design with Science, a firm that specializes in using science-based insights and incorporating it into interior and commercial design. Sally offers her expert tips for creating spaces that evoke different moods, so you can create the perfect atmosphere in each room of your home.

Q&A With Dr. Augustin

Q: How does color affect people?
"Color has a tremendous effect on how people experience their physical world by influencing people's moods. People have favorite colors and colors they link to positive, milestone events in their lives, like their wedding colors for example. Seeing those shades generally has upbeat emotional implications. Color also affects mood and emotion via saturation and brightness levels. Colors that are less saturated but relatively bright, such as a sage green with a lot of white mixed into it, are pleasantly relaxing when viewed while colors that are more saturated but not as bright, such as a vibrant emerald green, are more energizing."

Q: How does one's culture impact color associations?
"Not all cultures have the same learned associations to hues. In Eastern countries, for example, the color white is linked to death, but that is not the case in other parts of the world. Regardless of culture, seeing red seems to give us a burst of strength, and green seems to enhance creative thinking. Interestingly, no matter where on the planet you go, people are most likely to say that their favorite color is blue, which makes this a great color to consider putting in a home you plan to sell soon."

Q: Does gender impact color preference?
"Women tend to prefer slightly redder colors than men. So, for example, a good color for a women"s health center or a spa retreat designed for women is violet while a light blue is a better choice for similar spaces that will be used predominantly by men."