Friday, September 5, 2014

The Best Choice in Painting or Coating your Garage Floor

When is the last time you seen a clean and pretty garage floor without an epoxy coating? Probably never, right? Garage Floors get easily dirty from dirt, oil drips, and your car tires.

The only way to have a nice looking garage floor is to have it coated with epoxy or a xylene product. However the DIY kits you can easily buy at home depot are not always the best choice for your garage floor. These are not considered pro-grade products. Not to mention they can not help determine your floors permeability. Professional painters know that epoxy coating are not permeable. This means that they often will not allow water/ water vapor pass through. When your home was built, if the contractor did not put a vapor barrier then this will lead to a peeling garage floor. Hiring a professional painter to purchase quality products and to apply the correct application techniques will save you time and money! Painting Artist, Inc can provide you an inspection of your garage floor to help determine what coating is best. Call our office today 772-626-7159.

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